Robert J. Brotherus - Curriculum Vitae

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Date of birth 1973-09-15


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Key Strengths

Paid Jobs

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Napa Group, Technology platform, 2007 - present

Legacy Transformation of Napa software GUI codebase from Motif/Napabasic-based legacy architecture to WPF/Ruby-based design.

Technical maintenance and architectural development of Napa Fortran calculation core routines

GTECH Corporation, Online games unit, 2006 - 2007

Software Architect and project manager at Gtech Finland in the development project for next-generation online-gaming system for Veikkaus corporation (Finnish lottery company)

Nokia, Technology platform, Nokia Research Center, 2002 - 2006

Lead developer of DMCM (Display Module Control and Measurement) family of SW / HW systems for controlling handset display modules and robotic spectrometers for making automated optical tests of the displays at Audio-Visual Systems Laboratory (2002-2004) and Nokia Technology Platforms, Display Entity (2004-2006).

Subsidiary projects / responsibilities

Thermo Scientific, Automated Photometers, 2000 - 2002

Primary developer of user-interface KingFisher software for the Labsystems KingFisher instrument.

Project leader for the user requirements and feature specification development project for Labsystems next generation microplate reader software “SkanIt”.

Lead developer in the implementation of the next generation reader software “SkanIt”

University of Helsinki, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, 1995 - 2000

Resercher in the Calculational Chemistry Graduate School, 1998 – 2000

  • Theoretical and computational research of molecular quantum mechanical vibrational models with development of custom software.
  • Techniques involved: Eigenvalue determination, variation theory, symmetry theory, nonlinear optimization, symbolic computer algebra.
  • Tools involved: Mathematica 4, MS Visual fortran (Fortran 95 ), Borland Delphi 4, Borland C++ Builder, Unix ANSI C++

Research and teaching assistant (part time), 1995 - 1997

  • Theoretical research into high-resolution molecular infrared spectra and development of spectrum analysis software "Infia" (See publications)
  • Tutoring and teaching at introductory level physical chemistry laboratory courses (Molecular structure, thermodynamics and kinetics)

Publications in peer reviewed journals

  • Brotherus, R., et al., Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 193, 137-149 (1999), "High-Resolution Infrared Spectrum of n5, n4, n3, n4 + n5, and 2n4 Band Systems of Deuterobromoacetylene.”
  • Brotherus, R., Journal of Computational Chemistry, Vol. 20, No. 6, 610-622 (1999), “Infia - Program for Rotational Analysis of Linear Molecule Spectra.” Download:

Union of Natural Scientists (Luonnontieteiden Akateemisten Liitto LAL), 1999 - 2001 (part time)

Design and implementation of 100+ page web-place for a finnish workers union with 5000+ members.

Karjaa Adult Education Center, 1993-1997 (part time)

Lecturer and Tutor on Turku Open University ( Computer Science Approbatur-level course

Course designer and teacher on various local computer courses. Each course about 20 hours of lectures.

Ovako Steel, 1988-1991 (age 15-17, part time)

Development of software for processing of electronic purchase orders (EDI) of the ODETTE-standard ( of truck leaf spring factory customers and merging the orders to the IBM AS/400 system database.

Hobby software projects

Interactive Family Database, 2000 - today

Association member database for Finnish Freethinkers (2003 - today)

Clojure Operational Transformation editing framework (2011 - in progress)

Minr / Early projects


University of Helsinki 1992-2000

Masters Degree 1997, main subject Physical Chemistry

Licenciate Degree 2000

Army Service, 1993-1994

Finnish army service attended 1.11.1993 – 26.9.1994.

Atlantic College High School in the United Kingdom 1990 - 1992

IB Diploma completed in 1992. Key results:

Gold certificate in UK National Mathematics Contest 1991

Comprehensive School in Finland 1980 - 1989

Final diploma key results:

Summary of IT Skills

Programming languages, frameworks and libraries

Software development support methods and technologies

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Non-programming hobbies and associations


Written feedback by teenagers from Prometheus-camps where I was as instructor:

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